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Laugh More – Feel Better

Laughter Yoga is laughing on purpose, for happiness and health. It is an exercise that you enjoy doing.

        Anyone who wants to can do Laughter Yoga. It is a mild cardio workout that people do sitting or standing and moving about. It is totally up to you how active you are.
Laughter Yoga requires no previous experience or special equipment. All you do need is the willingness to liberate your laughter and a sincere desire for a happier life.
These are some of the benefits of laughing on purpose:

IT RELEASES HAPPY HORMONES. You’ll like the feel-good chemicals that your body releases when you laugh. Having the right amount of endorphins in your system leads to a decrease in stress and your outlook improves. When this happens, your entire well-being is enhanced, making you more resistant to pain.
IT PROTECT THE HEART. A recent study shows that an anti-inflammatory effect is one of the consequences of laughter. This means that laughing often results in improving the blood vessels function that regulates blood flow. Because of this, you decrease the risks for cardiovascular diseases. Laughter truly is good medicine.
IT ALLOWS YOU TO BURN MORE CALORIES. It may come as a shock at first, but laughing burns calories. And laughter has another benefit for weight control. Life’s problems become something to laugh about, not a reason to overeat. Things stop eating you and you stop using food to deal in times of troubles.
IT IMPROVES YOUR MOOD. Keep in mind that being angry has an adverse effect on your body. When you are always mad at something or someone, it increases the risk of developing diseases. Fortunately, all it takes is a good laugh to take you out of a bad mood. Laughing brings extra oxygen into the lungs and brain, then you are better able to handle problems more creatively.
IT FOSTERS HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS. Having a sense of humor is an essential component of a happy relationship. Laugher can make two people more connected to each other. People who laugh together often become friends. They stay longer in a relationship compared to those who are too serious about what they do every day. And remember, laughter is contagious. Your friends and family will catch your good spirit.
IT RELAXES THE BODY. Not everyone knows this, but after laughing, your body feels more relaxed than before. Since laughter relieves stress, tension, and other unpleasant emotions, the result is that you would feel lighter and calmer. You become more attractive because you have exercised your body with a smile on your face.

Why Exercising Your Laughter Is Important

Laughter truly is the best medicine when it comes to keeping us feeling physically, mentally and emotionally young as we age. Use Laughter Yoga as an exercise and laugh through life.

“I didn’t always have the ability to laugh at myself,” says Cynthia Curtis, who about learned Laughter Yoga four years ago and has since become a laughter leader and teacher. “There was nothing to laugh about while taking care of my elderly mother in FL, away from husband and home. Then I tried Laughter Yoga exercises and I became happier about my situation. Now, I’m a daily laughter. I practice laughing, every day for 20 minutes.”

While doing Laughter Yoga you don’t need humor. You just laugh as a form of exercise. Laughing without jokes, laughing at nothing, makes it so much easier to handle life’s difficult times. You will laugh. It’s like you’re primed to always laugh through life.

Worried that folks will think your laugh is loud, nasally or cackling? That is why Laughter Clubs were created. The Funny Farm Laughter Club is a safe place to laugh out loud. Your laugh is part of your identity and self-esteem, and it’s essential to who you are, Express your joy and happiness with laughter.









Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training, Frankfurt Germany, Jun. 21, 2017

Do you want to bring more happiness into your life? Try Laughter Yoga at the Funny Farm Laughter Club in Phillipsburg NJ, every Saturday at 10 AM starting July 15, 2017. It is free for all to join. Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Cynthia Curtis, just back from teacher training in Frankfurt Germany, leads the one-hour session.

Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise routine where anyone can laugh for no reason without jokes or comedy. The practice involves prolonged voluntary laughter along with the deep breathing technique that originates in Pranayama Yoga. Anyone can laugh for exercise. Do it standing or sitting. Equipment or previous experience is unnecessary. Laughter Yoga is a gentle, cardiovascular workout that burns calories as it improves lung and heart function. Laughter strengthens the immune system, lowers stress levels, relaxes muscles, relieves pain, eases anxiety and enhances resilience. When people laugh together friendships form. And, Laughter Yoga sends more oxygen to the body and brain. Consequently, there is an increase in positive energy that makes it easy to cope with the stress of daily life. Laughter Yoga practice fosters a positive and hopeful attitude. It is less likely for a person to succumb to stress and feelings of depression and helplessness if they are able to laugh at troubles. It’s easy to laugh when times are good. At the Funny Farm, we learn to laugh through life’s challenges, therefore, providings strength in adversity, a coping mechanism, to help us keep a positive attitude regardless of circumstances. Many laughter yoga club members proudly report that, as a result, their lives are transformed for the better.

There is a lot of medicine in laughter and it doesn’t matter if laughter is real or pretend. You get the same proven benefits. Clinical research on Laughter Yoga methods, conducted in Austria, India, and in the United States show that Laughter lowers the level of stress hormones (epinephrine, cortisol, etc.) in the blood and increases levels of feel-good chemicals (endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, etc.)

The Funny Farm Laughter Club meets at the old stone house at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, 999 US H’way 22 in Phillipsburg NJ at 10 AM. Refeshments are served. Please be on time. For more information visit:;
or contact Cynthia Curtis at 908-763-1945/908-387-1225.

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Play For Peace

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In these troubled times, World Peace is no laughing matter. The exception is May 1, 2016, World Laughter Day, when hundreds of thousand of people around the world celebrate World Peace through laughter. People come together to share friendship and brotherhood in a language everyone understands, the language of laughter.

The Funny Farm Laughter Club at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, 999 US H’way 22 in Phillipsburg NJ, is hosting a World Laughter Day Celebration from 10 AM to 4 PM. It is a day of life-affirming fun and non-competitive games. The free event demonstrates the contagious, healing power of unconditional laughter. There is a Reuse Market starting at 8 AM. The market raises money for NJ Farmers Against Hunger.

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and co-owner of Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, Cynthia Curtis, organizes the annual event. “People are more likely to laugh with others and laughing with other people makes us feel happier. When we are happier the world improves,” she says. “Better still, laughter is contagious. People can catch it from each other. That is the basis of Laughter Yoga’s work toward World Peace,” she adds with a smile.

Laughter Yoga leaders and teachers from around NJ are here to do Laughter yoga exercises including Kirtan laughter and to host a Gibberish Party, where no one understands the language, yet everyone communicates. There is live music by Keith Kenny and drumming with drum and percussion instructor, Ejvind Boccolini. Eyes of the Wild, animal show begins at 2:00. There are hay rides and seed bomb making, free hugs, non-competitive games and laughter, all day.

World Laughter Day is suitable for all ages. We are all able to laugh, no matter age, nationality or experience. Laughter transcends status, class, age, race and culture, and no matter where we live in the world we all laugh in a similar way. In any language laughter is a recognizable form of friendly communication.

Indian physician, Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement, created the first World Laughter Day in 1998. The intention is to build up a global consciousness of kindness and compassion. It is a fabulous idea backed by a scientific truth that laughter, conditional or unconditional, releases chemicals into the blood that make us feel good and creates feelings of happiness, love and compassion while suppressing chemicals that produce fear, violence, aggression and war. Modern science confirms the efficacy of laughter.

Laughter Yoga’s popularity grows exponentially. Starting with five people in a park in Mumbai, today there are over 60,000 laughter clubs all over the world, creating a positive energy that can change the consciousness of the globe, for the better. “When you laugh, you change and when you change, the world changes around you,” says Dr. Kataria. “Nowadays, people face enormous stress and are at war with themselves. Laughter is a positive and powerful emotion, which helps people to change themselves and to change the world in a peaceful and positive way. Laughter is a universal language which has the potential to unite humanity….” he asserts.

People who practice Laughter Yoga, enjoy, to varying degrees, the powerful emotional state of happiness after 20-minute sessions of prolonged laughter. They, in turn, will cheer up others, and so on. The prestigious Framingham Heart Study described this ‘chain reaction’ of happiness, “…a relationship between people’s happiness extends up to three degrees of separation,“ they found.

World Laughter Day Celebration is free if you walk or bike in. There is a $6.00 charge to park a car. Come to the Reuse Market before 10 AM and park for free. For more information about the day’s events contact Cynthia Curtis at 908-387-1225 or 908-387-1225.

World Laughter Day Celebration, May 1, 2016 – Vendors Wanted

Calling all crafters, artists, exhibitors, antique dealers, farmers and buskers*, for a ReUse Market celebrating Earth Day and World Laughter Day at ‘Farm Fair,’ Apr. 30 and May 1, 2016. The location for the two-day celebration is Perfect Christmas Tree Farm in Phillipsburg NJ.
‘Farm Fair’ is promoted locally and throughout NJ and the greater NYC area with press releases and paid advertising and on¬line. It is featured on Perfect Christmas Tree Farm’s website, NJFAH website and Facebook pages and with a large banner promoting ‘Farm Fair’ on US Highway 22, Lopatcong Township, Phillipsburg NJ.
* Busking or Street performance is the practice of performing for gratuities.
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Stress Relief from Laughter

When it comes to relieving stress, more giggles and guffaws are just what the doctor ordered. Here’s why.

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Whether you’re guiltily guffawing at an episode of “South Park” or quietly giggling at the latest New Yorker cartoon, laughing does you good. Laughter is a great form of stress relief, and that’s no joke.

Stress relief from laughter

A good sense of humor can’t cure all ailments, but data are mounting about the positive things laughter can do.

Short-term benefits
A good laugh has great short-term effects. When you start to laugh, it doesn’t just lighten your load mentally, it actually induces physical changes in your body. Laughter can:

  • Stimulate many organs. Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain.
  • Activate and relieve your stress response. A rollicking laugh fires up and then cools down your stress response and increases your heart rate and blood pressure. The result? A good, relaxed feeling.
  • Soothe tension. Laughter can also stimulate circulation and aid muscle relaxation, both of which help reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress.

Long-term effects
Laughter isn’t just a quick pick-me-up, though. It’s also good for you over the long haul. Laughter may:

  • Improve your immune system. Negative thoughts manifest into chemical reactions that can affect your body by bringing more stress into your system and decreasing your immunity. In contrast, positive thoughts actually release neuropeptides that help fight stress and potentially more-serious illnesses.
  • Relieve pain. Laughter may ease pain by causing the body to produce its own natural painkillers. Laughter may also break the pain-spasm cycle common to some muscle disorders.
  • Increase personal satisfaction. Laughter can also make it easier to cope with difficult situations. It also helps you connect with other people.
  • Improve your mood. Many people experience depression, sometimes due to chronic illnesses. Laughter can help lessen your depression and anxiety and make you feel happier.

Improve your sense of humor

Are you afraid you have an underdeveloped — or nonexistent — funny bone? No problem. Humor can be learned. In fact, developing or refining your sense of humor may be easier than you think.

  • Put humor on your horizon. Find a few simple items, such as photos or comic strips that make you chuckle. Then hang them up at home or in your office. Keep funny movies or comedy albums on hand for when you need an added humor boost.
  • Laugh and the world laughs with you. Find a way to laugh about your own situations and watch your stress begin to fade away. Even if it feels forced at first, practice laughing. It does your body good.
  • Share a laugh. Make it a habit to spend time with friends who make you laugh. And then return the favor by sharing funny stories or jokes with those around you.
  • Knock-knock. Browse through your local bookstore or library’s selection of joke books and get a few rib ticklers in your repertoire that you can share with friends.
  • Know what isn’t funny. Don’t laugh at the expense of others. Some forms of humor aren’t appropriate. Use your best judgment to discern a good joke from a bad, or hurtful, one.

Laughter is the best medicine

Go ahead and give it a try. Turn the corners of your mouth up into a smile and then give a laugh, even if it feels a little forced. Once you’ve had your chuckle, take stock of how you’re feeling. Are your muscles a little less tense? Do you feel more relaxed or buoyant? That’s the natural wonder of laughing at work.

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