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Health Benefits Of Laughter

Combats Respiratory Infections

  • By increasing antibodies in saliva

Reduces Pain

  • Releases endorphins to provide pain relief

Relaxes Muscles

  • Muscular tension and laughter are incompatible
  • Decreases serum cortisol

Positive Mental Function

  • Changes perspective with improved mood
  • Through cardio-vascular efficiency

Helps the Body Fight Infection

  • Liberates numerous immune boosters

Improves Tissue Function & Growth

  • Supplies nutrients and oxygen to tissues

Happiness Linked to Longevity

  • Live a longer, more fulfilled life

Laugh In The Library

PBS39, Warren Reporter, Karishma Desai, is coming to the Phillipsburg Library for Laughter Yoga on Mon. Sep. 10.  Let’s make Phillipsburg the happiest City in Warren County (at least for the day.) Join us for this special session of Laughter In The Library. Maybe we can get the whole library laughing.

Laughter Yoga at the Funny Farm

What is the Funny Farm Laughter Club?

A Free Social Club that welcomes all to join.  It is non-religious and non-political. We do not charge any membership fee.  Laughter Yoga at the Funny Farm is not to be confused with traditional yoga classes. We don’t perform yoga poses so you don’t need a mat or any special equipment or experience. At the Funny Farm Laughter Club we combine playful laughter exercises and deep yogic breathing. We all laugh together for no reason except for the best reasons – health, happiness and world peace.

Practice Happiness at the Funny Farm, July 2018

Sun. July 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29 at 6 pmDepression laughter yoga

Mon. July 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30 at 10 am

  • Health Benefits: Laughter Yoga is an aerobic exercise (a mild cardio workout) that brings more oxygen to the body and brain. It makes us feel healthier and more energetic. Practicing Laughter Yoga strengthens the immune system which not only prevents us from falling sick but also helps us to feel better.
  • Social Connector: Quality of life depends on the quality of your friends and relationships. Laughter is a great connector of people and you will meet lots of interesting people and develop new friendships at Laughter Club.
  • Mission:   To spread Good Health, Happiness and World Peace

What is Laughter Yoga? How can it Help you?

Everyone wants health and happiness.  But instead, we are getting stressed out, depressed, more negative thoughts and sometimes feeling isolated. Does this sound like you? If you are someone who wants to bring more laughter and joy into your life or are someone who just loves to laugh, join us.

Laughter Yoga is a simple yet profound complete well-being exercise routine practiced around the world. Developed by an Indian medical doctor, Dr. Madan Kataria, it has spread across 100 countries and to tens of thousands of Laughter Clubs, around the world.

  • You Laugh with Special Guided Techniques: It’s easy. Anyone can laugh for no reason without relying on humor, jokes or comedy and you feel the benefits from laughing the very first session!
  • Real and Contagious Laughter: We initiate laughter as a body exercise, in a group, and with eye contact and childlike playfulness the laughter soon turns into real and contagious laughter.
  • oxygenate your Body and Brain: Laughter Yoga is a combination of deep breathing exercises from yoga and laughter exercises, which oxygenates the body and brain, making us feel more creative and happier.

Scientifically Proven

The basis of Laughter Yoga a scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate between spontaneous laughter and intentional laughter. You get the same physiological and psychological benefits from both. And this mild cardio exercise burns calories and tightens muscles in the most enjoyable way possible, by sharing a laugh.

Clinical research conducted in India and in the United States proves that Laughter lowers the level of stress hormones (epinephrine, cortisol, etc) in the blood.

5 Benefits of Laughter Yoga

  • Good Mood and More Laughter: Laughter Yoga helps to change your mood within minutes by releasing certain chemicals from your brain cells called endorphins. You remain cheerful and in a good mood throughout the day and will laugh more and more easily than you normally do.
  • Healthy Exercise to Beat Stress: Laughter Yoga is an aerobic exercise which brings more oxygen to the body and brain thereby making you feel more energetic and relaxed.
  • Health Benefits: Laughter Yoga reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. You will not fall sick easily and if you have some chronic health conditions, you will heal faster.
  • Quality of Life: Laughter is a positive energy which helps people to connect with other people quickly and improves relationships. If you laugh more, you will attract many friends.
  • Positive Attitude in Challenging Times:  Anyone can laugh when times are good but Laughter Yoga teaches people to laugh unconditionally so that they can laugh even during tough times. It provides strength in adversity, a coping mechanism, to help people keep a positive mental attitude regardless of the circumstances. If you can “laugh it off”, you will feel so much better. It gives hope and optimism to cope in difficult times.

Where is the Funny Farm Laughter Club

  • Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, 999 US Highway 22, Lopatcong Township, Phillipsburg NJ 08865
  • Go to the 18th century stone farmhouse at the end of the driveway
  • For more information: email, visit our Facebook page: or call 908-763-1945.

Share Laughter, Make Friends

Try this unique cardio workout where laughing is the exercise. We initiate laughter in the beginning,  but with eye contact and and playfulness the laughter becomes genuine and contagious. The reason its called Laughter Yoga is that we combine laughter with yoga breathing which brings more oxygen to our body and brain and we feel healthier and more energetic, more relaxed, as a result. There is scientific proof that even if when we pretend to laugh we get the same health benefits as if it was real laughter. This is real exercise that burns calories, strengthens core muscles and exercises vital organs. Anyone can can laugh for no reason. No experience or special equipment is needed.

Laughter Yoga Is News

The Funny Farm Laughter Club meets at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm in Phillipsburg NJ. Contact Laughter Yoga teacher, Cynthia Curtis at She will notify you of the next laughter club meeting.

Laughter Yoga and Sukkot Dinner

Laughter Yoga is a worldwide peace movement and happiness delivery system that started 22 years ago in India by a medical doctor, Dr. Mandan Kataria. The practice has spread to 62 countries on 6 continents without any advertising, simply because laughter feels good and laughter is contagious.

No equipment or previous experience is necessary. If you can breathe and laugh you can do Laughter Yoga, sitting or standing. There is no wrong way to do it.  And it is good medicine for the mind and body.
You are invited to try it every night from Oct. 4 through Oct. 10 at 6 PM.

Then stay for a free dinner in the Sukkah. We are celebrating the harvest with the joyous Festival of Sukkot, a 5000-year-old Jewish tradition (~Leviticus 23:34.)

We build a three-sided structure, a Sukkah, making sure the stars shine through the roof and the wind can pass through the walls and share a candlelit dinner with 12  friends and neighbors, each night, for 7 nights, no matter the weather. 
Judaism 101: Sukkot

Join us for this vegetarian meal and/or Laughter Yoga. Everyone is invited. For us, the holiday is social, not religious.
Please let me know if you are staying for dinner by calling 908-387-1225. It’s okay to leave a message.

Try Something New


Relief for Pain, Add Fun at the Funny Farm Laughter Club

‘Laughter Yoga’ is More than Funny

Christine Lynch8/2/2017

‘Laughter Yoga’ is More than Funny

I admit to being skeptical about “laughter yoga” before I tried it. I worried it might require pretzel-like poses I’m unable to perform even on a good day. Or someone would tell bad jokes I didn’t find funny — especially on a day when I was feeling low. Or, even worse, I would be expected to be funny. Most days it’s a struggle to be present, never mind funny.

Then I remembered feeling better when I laughed, and I decided to find out why. From research done by the late William Fry, MD, of Stanford University, I learned that laughter increases endorphins, the feel-good hormones. It also decreases cortisol, the stress hormone. Most importantly, it deepens respirations. Taking deeper breaths strengthens the immune system and provides a true aerobic workout. Fry claimed that one minute of hearty laughter was the cardio equivalent of 10 minutes of jogging or rowing. That sounded almost too good to be true for someone like me who is often too sore or too fatigued to exercise. I decided to give laughter yoga a try.

On arrival, I joined other participants sitting on chairs in a circle. We were instructed to pretend we were in a serious place where silence is expected, like a religious service or a chamber music concert. Suddenly a word or sight reminds us of something hysterically funny. It had the desired effect. Someone snickered. It spread. Snickers became giggles. Soon everyone was affected. I, too, struggled to hold back audible laughter. It couldn’t be done. Then everyone was laughing. It is contagious after all!

The harder we laughed, the funnier it became. Hilarity filled the room and continued for several minutes. Gradually the laughter receded to giggles, then to snickers. Finally, there was silence once more. Everyone sat back, tired and happy. We had just completed an exercise known as gradient laughter — one of many such techniques used in laughter yoga groups.

Laughter yoga was developed by an Indian physician named Madan Kataria. Sharing Norman Cousins‘ (author of Anatomy of an Illness) belief that laughter is the best medicine, Kataria went to a public park near his home in Mumbai and invited people to laugh with him. Only four people would join him that first day in 1995. But by the end of the week, he had nearly 20 people laughing daily. An article in a local newspaper spread the word. Today, laughter yoga groups are found worldwide. Led by certified laughter yoga instructors, they typically meet for hour-long sessions at nonprofit facilities, on beaches, or in other public places. Each session has a physical component that might include deep breathing, stretching, or balancing techniques as well as very simple yoga postures. Laughter “exercises” like the one described above are the main focus. Each session concludes with a calming meditation.

Laughter yoga is truly for everyone. There’s no need to be jolly or to be an easy laugher. The brain doesn’t know the difference between real laughter and a hearty, but sincere, “ho, ho, ho.” Pretending to laugh reaps the very same benefits as actually laughing does.

Laughter yoga is non-religious and non-political. It costs nothing, although voluntary donations may be accepted to benefit the hosting facility if there is one. Everyone is welcome. The group I attended had participants of many ages and physical abilities. Some could and did walk miles each day, others were confined to wheelchairs.

The benefits I received from this activity (like decreased pain and improved mood) were so significant that I tried to duplicate it at home. It sounded simple enough. I found an appropriate YouTube video and tried to laugh along. That experiment was a complete failure. The truth is that there is no substitute for live, smiling faces and the inspiration of other people laughing around you. Although disappointed, I realized that being in a group was a benefit in and of itself, especially for fibro people. Our illness often isolates us. Laughter yoga helps with that, too.

A weekly laughter session is an opportunity for positive human interaction that may be missing from our lives. I can think of no possible downside from trying this somewhat unusual activity. For fibro people, it’s the perfect feel-good medication with no side effects.



Release your inner child. Come out and play. Give yourself permission leave stress behind, for one-hour. Become more joyful. Laugh just because you can. Laughter Yoga shows you how.
It’s easy to laugh when times are good. Learn to laugh as exercise and you will laugh at life’s challenges, too. Become more resilient to troubles. Laughter produces endorphins, so you can handle troubles in a creative, loving, compassionate way, instead of with fear and loathing. Laughter is a good exercise for the heart and lungs and the pelvic floor. The lymph system keeps all the organs in the body healthy. Laughing moves the diaphragm and that stimulates the lymph system. There are no bad side effects to mirthful laughter. There is no medicine in laughter but laughter is good medicine.
Burn calories with a smile to your face, without strain or pain. No special equipment is needed. Everyone knows how to laugh so no experience is necessary. Do Laughter Yoga and friendships form.
Laughter is too important to leave it to chance. There may be nothing to laugh at, yet you need to laugh. Learn to laugh for no reason and change your life for the better. Laughter is contagious so friends and family will catch your joy. See the difference Laughter Yoga can make in your life.

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. Mark Twain

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