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About Laughter Yoga

A daily laughter practice improves the quality of life. Do it for yourself and feel what a difference it makes!

Laughter yoga is a unique exercise routine where anyone can laugh without relying on humor, jokes or comedy. Liberate your laughter and unlock the secret to becoming more joyful, resilient and at peace, through laughter. At the Funny Farm Laughter Club we initiate laughter as an exercise in a group and with eye contact and childlike playfulness what may feel strange to you, at first, soon turns into real, contagious laughter.

We combine laughter exercises with yoga breathing. 

We focus on mindful breathing, deep breathing, that moves the diaphragm and stimulates the lymph flow through our body. Deep breathing brings more oxygen to the body and the brain and we feel more energetic and healthy. Laughter releases those positive endorphins in the brain and improves our outlook on life. The yoga part of Laughter Yoga is the breathing. There are no yoga postures but we do practice yogic breathing (pranayama).

Real vs. fake laughter

The body doesn’t differentiate between pretend and real laughter. You get the same physiological and psychological health benefits even if you only pretend to laugh.  So don’t worry, “Fake it until you make it”. The real laughter will follow if you are open to pretending and just have fun. However, it takes the body 10-15-20 minutes of laughter to receive the maximum benefit from your practice.  Laughter Yoga teaches you easy techniques to purposely incorporate laughter into your life. It’s easy to laugh when times are good. Laughter yoga practice teaches us how to laugh through life’s many challenges.

Train your body and mind to laugh and be joyful

Our body and mind can be trained to laugh at will. By repeating any bodily behavior over a period of time, the mind begins to generate a predictable response.  Thus, by doing laughter exercises on a regular basis, people become conditioned to be joyful. With Laughter Yoga, the brain develops new neuronal connections that produce happy chemistry in the body.  These reactions can be triggered simply by laughter exercises and doing certain actions of the body, which lead the mind to experience the emotion of joy.

Designed by a medical doctor

Laughter Yoga was created by a medical doctor, Dr. Madan Kataria from India, with just five people in a Mumbai park in 1995. Today, there are more than 16,000 Laughter Yoga clubs in more than 108 countries throughout the world. This wellness movement has spread without the use of any paid advertising.  Skeptics are the ones who haven’t tried it yet or aren’t ready to experience it. If you open yourself up to trying something new and unusual, with the goal of being more happier, giving yourself permission to be more playful, you will soon unleash the power of your laughter. It really is a health phenomenon with only good side effects.

Laughter Practice

Come practice Laughter Yoga. Laughing unconditionally, without jokes or humor, is a healthy exercise for mind and body. Join on Fri., May 13 at 7 PM and Sat., May 14 at 10 AM at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, 999 US H’way 22, in Phillipsburg NJ.
The half hour sessions are free. No previous experience is necessary only a willingness to laugh for no reason but for increased happiness and better health. I am looking forward to seeing you.

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