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Why Exercising Your Laughter Is Important

Laughter truly is the best medicine when it comes to keeping us feeling physically, mentally and emotionally young as we age. Use Laughter Yoga as an exercise and laugh through life.

“I didn’t always have the ability to laugh at myself,” says Cynthia Curtis, who about learned Laughter Yoga four years ago and has since become a laughter leader and teacher. “There was nothing to laugh about while taking care of my elderly mother in FL, away from husband and home. Then I tried Laughter Yoga exercises and I became happier about my situation. Now, I’m a daily laughter. I practice laughing, every day for 20 minutes.”

While doing Laughter Yoga you don’t need humor. You just laugh as a form of exercise. Laughing without jokes, laughing at nothing, makes it so much easier to handle life’s difficult times. You will laugh. It’s like you’re primed to always laugh through life.

Worried that folks will think your laugh is loud, nasally or cackling? That is why Laughter Clubs were created. The Funny Farm Laughter Club is a safe place to laugh out loud. Your laugh is part of your identity and self-esteem, and it’s essential to who you are, Express your joy and happiness with laughter.








World Laughter Day Celebration, May 1, 2016 – Vendors Wanted

Calling all crafters, artists, exhibitors, antique dealers, farmers and buskers*, for a ReUse Market celebrating Earth Day and World Laughter Day at ‘Farm Fair,’ Apr. 30 and May 1, 2016. The location for the two-day celebration is Perfect Christmas Tree Farm in Phillipsburg NJ.
‘Farm Fair’ is promoted locally and throughout NJ and the greater NYC area with press releases and paid advertising and on¬line. It is featured on Perfect Christmas Tree Farm’s website, NJFAH website and Facebook pages and with a large banner promoting ‘Farm Fair’ on US Highway 22, Lopatcong Township, Phillipsburg NJ.
* Busking or Street performance is the practice of performing for gratuities.
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