Join the Funny Farm Laughters on a trip to NYC to learn from the Master Of Mirth, the Guru of Giggles, the Leader of Laughter, the Great Dr. Madan Kataria. He started laughing with 4 friends in a park, 25 years ago and started a happiness revolution that has circled the globe. Now there are thousands of Laughter Clubs on 6 continents, in over countries.


Saturday, September 21 try Laughter Yoga with the man who envisioned the power of laughing on purpose for health, happiness and, world peace. Learn the latest exercises, to increase joy in your life. Laughter is contagious. Learn to laugh without jokes or comedy and others will catch your good feelings. Learn the elements of joyfulness from the great Dr. K. and spread contentment and wellbeing to others you meet.


If you try you can help yourself. You can join a group of us, traveling together. Dr. K. says, “at Laughter Club laughter is free.” Even this valuable opportunity, to share Laughter Yoga with the Master who developed and perfected it, is free. Donations to defray costs are gratefully accepted but don’t let money or anything else stop you from learning to live your life with laughter.


You are always welcome at the Funny Farm Laughter Club. We meet once or more a week to practice Dr. Kataria’s methods of achieving better health, a happier life and a more peaceful world. At Perfect Christmas Tree Farm in Phillipsburg NJ, Cynthia Curtis, the farmer’s wife, teaches Laughter Yoga to a community of strangers who quickly become friends.



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