Laughter Yoga is mild aerobics exercises that burn calories and tightens muscles. It is a dynamic meditation that includes deep breathing and laughter. It is practiced without jokes or comedy. Mindful breathing, playful imagining, and laughter make up fun exercises that anyone can do. We feel better when we laugh even if we pretend to laugh. In Laughter Yoga we laugh as exercise because we can.

Dr. Madan Kataria developed Laughter Yoga. He organized the first Laughter Yoga Club in 1995, with 5 people in a park in Mumbai India. It was a research project to see if he could duplicate the benefits he was reading about, concerning laughter, and to discover for himself if laughter would help his patients.

In 25 years Laughter Yoga is now practiced in over 100 countries with tens of thousands of free laughter clubs operating in enlightened communities on six continents. All accomplished without advertising, by word-of-mouth, one person telling another, about the life-changing experience daily laughter is. Laughter is contagious.

The Funny Farm Laughter Club meets at 10 am on Saturdays at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm. Laughter Club is a free social club that is non-political and non-religious. No experience or equipment is necessary. We practice Laughter Yoga to promote health, happiness, and World Peace.

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