“Laughter” promotes health
Laughing increases endorphins, the hormone that induces happiness, and decreases cortisol that is a stress hormone. Irrespective of age, sex or physical condition. Laughter can promote both physical and mental health in a person. Laughter has a relaxing effect. It helps all the participants to demonstrate the maximum result of their daily efforts.
“Laughter Yoga” is a healthy exercise combining laughing with conventional yoga breathing. Though called yoga, no difficult pose is required. It is a yoga method of breathing that takes in fresh oxygen into one’s body by laughing out loud. It does not depend on humor or jokes but considers laughing as an exercise. It is said that since our brain cannot differentiate between fake laughter from genuine laughter, even fake laughter has the same positive effect on the brain.
Laughter Yoga was developed by an Indian medical doctor, Madan Katarina in 1995. Today, over 3 million people practice laughter yoga worldwide.

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