Exercise Your Laugh

“Laughter” promotes healthLaughing increases endorphins, the hormone that induces happiness, and decreases cortisol that is a stress hormone. Irrespective of age, sex or physical condition. Laughter can promote both physical and mental health in a person. Laughter has a relaxing effect. It helps all the participants to demonstrate the maximum result of their daily efforts.“Laughter […]

To Laugh Or Not

Nothing is funny. People, who may not know each other come together to laugh at life’s situations, real and imagined. It’s fast moving improvisational expressions of life situations using yogic breathing and laughter exercise. What can you expect? Expect to catch laughter from one other and become laughter-carriers, spreading laughter to whoever you meet, going […]

New Name, Meeting Dates and Times

It was suggested that the name of our club might offend some people because it is used to mock mental illness. I don’t know if I agree, but I want everyone to be comfortable in our laughter group so we will be called the Fun Farm Laugh Club from now on. Now, how to change […]

Your Opportunity to Meet Dr. Madan Kataria

CHANCE OF A LIFETIME Join the Funny Farm Laughters on a trip to NYC to learn from the Master Of Mirth, the Guru of Giggles, the Leader of Laughter, the Great Dr. Madan Kataria. He started laughing with 4 friends in a park, 25 years ago and started a happiness revolution that has circled the […]