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Laughter yoga: Laugh your way to a new life perspective

By: Alexandra Hogan of WFMZ-TV 69

Posted: Jan 02, 2019 09:46

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LOPATCONG TWP., N.J. – The holidays bring laughter and cheer, but laughter lasts all year long at the Perfect Christmas Tree Farm in New Jersey, and it’s contagious.

Farm co-owner Cynthia Curtis is a licensed laughter yoga instructor.

“People are lonely these days. To laugh with somebody that’s such a good connection,” she says.

When she’s not at the farm, Curtis teaches at libraries, in nursing homes, and also practices with people all over the world on Skype.

“There’s one in Chicago, I usually laugh with them. An hour before that there’s one in India. There’s one in Belgium I laugh with,” Curtis said.

The idea of laughter yoga is to force yourself to laugh for 20 minutes straight per day. To do that, groups act out mundane life experiences and try to find the humor in it.

Curtis says laughter yoga can change the situation for those who are ill, something she experienced after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

“It didn’t make me not have a cancer, the doctor had to do that, but I could still be happy. I was bigger than my problem,” she said.

It’s also changed the life of her 102-year-old mother at her nursing home.

“She’s the official greeter. She turned laughter yoga into a job for herself,” Curtis said.

Curtis realizes this practice isn’t for everyone, but says it’s good for a lot of people, especially those who feel alone.

It’s her goal to share the mantra to enjoy life, and laugh as much as possible along the way.